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Cooking Mushrooms

Interested in bringing out mushrooms' best to enjoy as a side or even by themselves?

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How to Cook Mushrooms

If you’ve ever wondered how to cook mushrooms, you’re not alone. Sure, we’ve all heard of grilled or roasted portabellas, or seen them as ingredients in recipes. But what if you’re just craving that delicious, satisfying “umami” flavor  and want to bring out mushrooms’ best to enjoy as a side or even by themselves?

Sautéing mushrooms is one of the most common and easiest forms of cooking with mushrooms, releasing and marrying the flavors. Frying is also a great way to enjoy them.

How to Sauté Mushrooms

Simple and delicious, sautéed mushrooms of any kind make a great addition to omelets, pasta, soups and stews. And sautéing works for mushrooms that are whole, halved, sliced or chopped.

To sauté mushrooms:

  • Add butter or oil to pan over high heat.
  • Add a single layer of mushrooms. Don’t overcrowd the pan or the mushrooms will steam instead of sauté.
  • Allow to cook until mushrooms become brown-red. Do not stir. Once they’ve browned, flip over and cook until the other sides are brown.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and season to taste.

How to Fry Mushrooms

Fried mushrooms are a truly tasty treat and easy to prepare at home. White mushrooms fry especially well and are delicious dipped in a variety of sauces like ranch, marinara and honey mustard.

To deep fry mushrooms:

  • Preheat oil over medium-high heat.
  • Wash 1 ½ lbs. of mushrooms, remove stems and pat dry.
  • Lightly coat mushrooms with 1 cup of flour.
  • In a separate bowl, lightly beat 4 eggs.
  • Place 1 cup breadcrumbs in another separate bowl.
  • Dip mushrooms in the eggs, then in the breadcrumbs. Add them to the oil and cook for 3 minutes or until crispy.

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CF Fresh, LLC d/b/a Country Fresh Mushrooms